Submitted to Embassy on August 7th!

It has been exactly one month since our last blog update and lots has happened. First off my surgery went quite well, thank you for the prayers, support, meals and love. It was a little longer and harder than expected and my recovery is going to be longer but all in all I did really well. I still have about 3 weeks or so using the crutches and walker and then start intensive physical therapy. I am really looking forward to walking on my own in the coming weeks 🙂

In our adoption journey we have a few exciting updates. We were submitted to the US Embassy on August 7th. We then heard shortly after that they were going to request a birth parent interview. This is very common if the child has a living parent. W does so his mother will appear at the US embassy office on August 23rd. Even though the adoption is final in the eyes of both countries our US Embassy does this as a final step to avoid any chance of error. His birth mother will be asked the question, “Do you know what adoption is and that this is final?” She has already answered this in Ethiopian court but again will have to do it for our government. Once this meeting is done we will hear from the US Embassy and they will ask us when we can travel to go and pick him up in the next week or so!!!!! So is reality we could legally pick him up this Friday! WOW! I can’t believe we are finally at this stage of our journey.

As wonderful as that news is we are still busy raising the funds to be able to fund our last leg of this trip. We need enough funds to purchase tickets round trip there, a one way ticket for W home, travel and stay expenses there and his visa to leave the country. We are about 3,000 short of our goal to do that. We are busy selling things, saving, slashing our budget, fundraising, having parties and doing anything we can to get the last of our needs met. I know God knows that W is ready to come home and that we need to go soon. I know He will provide a way for it to happen soon. As crazy as it feels to be able to go and get him but not have the means we are peaceful and trusting. Our God is big and amazing and has done plenty of miracles for us along the way and can’t see him stopping now!

We do ask though that you join us in prayer that God supplies our needs of travel expenses. Pray for our hearts in the time that we have to wait. Pray for our boy as he is ready to come home. We recently had friends visiting Ethiopia and he asked them when we were coming….they told him soon and that we loved him….and boy do we ever LOVE that boy. I can’t wait to hug him and go pick out school supplies, I can’t wait to read him bed time stories and see him laughing with his brother and sister. I can’t wait until he realizes he gets to stay FOREVER!!!!!

Thank you all for following our journey and for your tremendous support.

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