Updated timeline

Hi friends! We have an update and we wanted to share with you all. As you know we recently passed court in Ethiopia and we are now waiting for our next step. The next step is where our family and paperwork gets submitted to the Embassy. We heard from our agency this last week that we will be submitted on either July 25th or August 1st. We recently learned they only submit on Wednesdays. Once we are submitted to Embassy the average time a family travels is 3-4 weeks after that. We of course are praying and ask you to do the same that we are submitted on July 25th! This would then have us traveling to get our son around the 3rd or 4th week in August. Of course our hearts are screaming the sooner the better but we know God’s hand is in this and his timing will prevail.

We are busy getting things squared up around here that need to be done prior to him arriving home. We are fundraising to fund our trip, for his ticket home and for final adoption costs. We are filling his closet with clothes and toys. We have had some generous folks really bless us with hand me downs! We are getting ready to pick out who his pediatrician will be, start enrolling him in a elementary school here and getting room arrangements figured out for the boys. There is a lot to do in this waiting period and I think it is good as it keeps up occupied and not focusing on missing him so much šŸ™‚

On this Wednesday I go in for intensive hip surgery in Billings and would love extra prayers. I will be on crutches or using a walk for 6 weeks and won’t be driving for a few months in the midst of all we have going on. I am thankful I have great family and friends who will support me through this crazy time.

So again we thank you for your support of our family and we ask you be praying along with us that:

  • We get submitted on July 25th and travel soon!
  • That we will have enough funds to travel when the time comes.
  • For a safe surgery for Jamie and a speedy recovery.
God Bless!
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One thought on “Updated timeline

  1. praying for a quick recovery, and travel in August!!

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