It’s here!

Wow! The moment has come…well at least we are are very close!!

In the next two days we will be sending off our dossier to Ethiopia!!(Dossier: When used in the context of adoption, this term refers to a group of appropriately authenticated and translated legal documents which are used in international adoption cases to process the adoption of a child in its own country by the adoptive parents, or for the adoptive parents to obtain the legal custody or guardianship of the child in the foreign court, so the child can be brought by the adoptive parents to the United States for adoption.)

We have been working on this LARGE stack on documents since late August. It is a very exciting time to for us but it has not been an easy road. We have been super anxious to get this paperwork overseas for months now…but there was always one more more more notarization, etc. Well as I was reflecting this last week I know just why 🙂 This past week our fundraising account had just enough to send the dossier off.(You have to include a rather large check to the adoption agency with your dossier) It would of been painfully hard to have all of our paperwork ready and not enough funds to send it away…so as normal GOD knows best!!! 🙂 Oh, His timing is always so perfect!

We now are off and running again with fundraising for our next big chunk. When we receive our official “referral” which should be coming soon, another large chunk of funds will be due. (The adoption referral refers to when prospective adoptive parents get a call regarding a child that the country or agency has selected for them based on the family’s criteria. The prospective adoptive parents will also receive information on the child’s health. This means you are officially matched.)

We are praying like mad for our son far away that He knows deep inside that we are coming for him and that God keeps him happy and healthy until then. Our prayer is that we can get him home sometime before or around August. That will be a year since he left our home…a day I will never ever forget!!!

We sure appreciate the support and prayers of all of those around us. This journey would be scary alone and God has surrounded us with an amazing support system!

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  1. Hooray! Hooray!

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